ORDERS PLACED BETWEEN 6/12/24-6/18/24 WILL SHIP ON 6/19/24! We are NOT responsible for packages that are delayed by carrier. MAX 2 Glass Products Per Order. Prices are subject to change without notice!

Houston Store Locations

Brass Cuisine Spices (Store Front)

7514 Bailey Rd

Pearland, TX 77584

Pyburns (Fondren)

Pyburns (Almeda)

Pyburns (Scott)

Mission Statement

The mission of Brass Cuisine is to provide a unique southern Louisiana Creole blend of seasonings to use on all varieties of seafood, poultry and vegetables. 

Seasoning Blends for All Your Favorite Food!

When you hear the name Brass Cuisine, there should be no questions asked. No necessary explanation as to why or how this rub will essentially change your life. Brass Cuisine in Houston, Texas presents the perfect seasoning blend for any type of Seafood or Poultry. Enhance the natural flavors of the food you and your family love when you sprinkle it with my original seasonings.

Attention Customers!

Brass Cuisine Chicken Fry & Fish Fry MUST to be stored between 40-60 degrees at all times for optimal shelf life and nutrition. However this is impossible to do so during the shipping process with extreme heat! If you place an order that contains Chicken Fry or Fish Fry, IMMEDIATELY place in refrigerator or freezer! This is to prevent the products from going rancid!

The Spice industry has been affected tremendously by the impact of the Coronavirus. We've had to make some adjustments in efforts to continue operating our small business and serving our community.  You may notice a change in Packaging, Recipes, Bottle Tops and Seals (Seals often get stuck in bottle caps).  However I can assure you all seasonings are freshly prepared, safe and ready to utilize. Some bottles are not filled all the way due to contents or ingredients inside.



Thank you for shopping with Brass Cuisine Spices.